Gift of A Friend

She's got beauty and brains. She is everything you ask for. And this pretty lady over here is my ultimate best friend.She is an all rounder. She can pretty much do anything. A straight A student, religious, beautiful and not to mention she can act! The wise one, she is known as and also, always there to help whenever, wherever. You can ask her for advice or even question her about your mathematics problem that you can't solve or even in relationship hihi Been knowing her since being her roomate and we've been close ever since! She's always there to help me, she knows me very very well and she is definitely someone I can trust. It's always fun being around her because she is such fun person to be with! She holds my secret that nobody else knows and we pretty much do a lot of crazy things together. Hey Wonder Woman! Here's to our friendship.I love ya forever! Sorry I didn't prepare anything for you, but one thing for sure, I'll mention you in my prayers for you to win! I'll be supporting you. Effortlessly pretty, This is, Ira Zalis Ismail

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